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The Wright Brothers

Interview With The Wright Brothers 

       In 1905, there was a TV talk show that interview great inventors at the time. Below is a script of interview with The Wright Brothers.
       That day the TV talk show was unexpectedly visited by great inventors. That very special guest is The Wright Brothers on that TV talk shows, the host asked them many questions about their invention.
       Orville said that they invited airplane. Wilbur also explained that the airplane is used to help human being to fly. They get the inspiration to build airplane from their toy. It is a helicopter toy that flew with the help of rubber bands. Since then they have been interested in that idea.
       At first day experimented to build their own helicopter. Then they made their first flight to Kitty Hawk on December 14, 1903. Kitty Hawk had a hill, good breezes, and was sandy. So that it could help soften the landings in case of a crash. They made it for a 12 second and flew for 120 feet.
       Since then they…

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